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Praise From Our Clients

Angela Sharpe
Produced from Pressure 

LaBoo Publishing was just what I was looking for to assist me in birthing this assignment. It was such a relief to take my work and hand it off to this publishing company who understood my vision. The weight of the process was lifted off of me, and I was able to take a step back and see the process of becoming a published author unfold. A few of the words I can use to describe my experience are professional, patient, organized, understanding and creative. They thought of everything, so I didn't have to. Thank you LaBoo Publishing for helping to make my dream become a reality! 

Jerri St. John
Contributing Author of Queens Who Defied the Odds

I had the absolute privilege of working with LaBoo Publishing on my very first book project. Kimmoly and her staff made this experience unforgettable and extremely positive. I would highly recommend using LaBoo Publishing. The attention to detail, professionalism and support was amazing throughout the entire process. For a first-time published author, I learned so much and felt as though I was part of a family the entire time we were going through the process. For ALL of your publishing needs and for my future needs, I would recommend LaBoo Publishing – there’s no need to look any further!

Shonda McCants

My experience with Laboo publishing was simply amazing! She is truly an inspiration! Her kindness, her patience and excellence, says it all! If you want an amazing experience, try Laboo Publishing because that’s exactly what you are going to get!!! I look forward to future endeavors with you!!!

Jane Victoria Hopkins

It has been an honor and privilege to work with Kimmoly LaBoo and LaBoo Publishing Enterprises. They made my experience of being a new Author memorable and exciting. Every step in the process was done professionally with the upmost respect for the new Author. The detail they put into each step was amazing. I would highly recommend them, and I plan to use them again soon for my own writing projects now that I have gained the knowledge, experience and have gotten over my fear of writing. God bless you Kimmoly and LaBoo Publishing Enterprises.

Tanya C. Young

Thank you Kimmoly K LaBoo for your guidance and support to my entry into the world of a published author.  Your  direction, encouragement, knowledge, and professional training have been life changing.  What I have gained, priceless and forever valuable! This has been an amazing ride!

Traci “Cricket” Crockett

Working with LaBoo publishing has been a great experience! The encouragement and support while writing my piece was so helpful. They were quick to respond to any concern or question I might have. LaBoo publishing supported and cheered me on while I created something I’m truly proud of. I look forward to working with them again in the future. I would highly recommend this publishing group for anyone looking to write a masterpiece!

Mia Turner-Whitley

Thank you so much for your love, guidance and support throughout the anthology process!

The level of customer service was presidential!!! You walked us step by step through this journey. Providing constructive feedback to the point and with love was such a blessing.

You are definitely one of a kind! After being in my 3rd anthology I must say that this one is the best one yet!!!! Most importantly I am looking forward to being a Visionary Author!!!

Monica L. Thomas

I would like to take a moment to express the awesome service provided by LaBoo Publishing Enterprise. This was my very first experience writing and being a part of publishing a book. From day one Kimmoly LaBoo took a hold of me as she does with everyone and provided guidance every step of the way. Her instructions were detailed and made the experience very fun and rewarding.

LaBoo Publishing truly took the worry out of writing and just left you with the joy of writing. I must admit I was so nervous but, being with this company took that away and replaced it with the comfort of relaxed energy. I think one of the most important things I can say is,"This company doesn't make you feel like just a client. They make you feel like apart of the family!" You are surrounded by warmth. You couldn't ask for a better place to write and be apart of. It's like being home with family. See for yourself. 

Andrea Riley

Laboo publishing is hands down the best publishing company. They are available, helpful, passionate and extremely helpful throughout the entire process.

Desera Burney

If you're considering writing a book or have already written a book, I highly recommend LaBoo Publishing Enterprise. I had the pleasure to work with LaBoo Publishing for my first anthology project "Set Apart and Chosen". They made the experience for me enjoyable and fun. They are very knowledgeable of the required process to get a book published. Not to mention that my first book is an Amazon International Best Seller. Thanks for the outstanding customer service you provided during the entire process.

Cheryl Hurley

My experience working with LaBoo Publishing has been absolutely amazing.  The staff led the publishing process in a spirit of sheer excellence!  While this is my 4th published work, it is the first that I have worked with a publishing company.   From the onset of this Book Anthology Project, each and every deadline was professionally and effectively adhered to.  As one accustomed to assuming all of the task preparation for my written work, LaBoo Publishing assumed responsibility for editing my work, provided marketing services and established timelines to assure that I had ample opportunity for pre-sales.  The customer service rendered to me was exceptional.  After a recent strategy consultation, I was charged in setting a timeline for my next written work, it is without hesitation or reservation that I will be working with LaBoo Publishing!  An absolutely stellar experience!

Tishika Jackson

I would like to thank the good folks at Laboo Publishing. This was my 1st experience working with a publisher and It was an absolute pleasure. They were very professional and helpful. I was impressed with the dedication, hard work, commitment, communication, leadership and coaching provided to me on this journey. They will even go the extra mile to help by being your accountability partner with all the deadlines. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with a compassionate God-fearing publisher. If possible, I would love to work with Laboo Publishing in all of my future writing projects.

Tammy Wylie

I never expected to actually publish anything.  LaBoo Publishing made the process easy, straightforward, and rewarding.  Once I turned in my chapter, they took care of everything else, and I got to participate in a successful and amazing process that led to seeing my words in print-- a dream come true!  I recommend the LaBoo Publishing Enterprise to any first-time author.  You will love the support you get!

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